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Death is inevitable. It’s what we do after the dying that defines us.

In the midst of a bright and beautiful summer, Shelly is happy and content. With her medical training almost complete, and a promising future with her fiancé James, she has the world at her feet.

A tragic turn of events come crashing into Shelly’s life. The death of someone close to her brings an immense shift in the way she, and others perceive her. Her sanity is challenged, relationships are destroyed and her reputation lies in tatters.

With more than her career at stake, Shelly faces the daunting task of discovering who she really is, and what she is truly capable of. A mysterious gift revealed, powers unleashed… Shelly soon discovers that she knows even less about the world and the people in it than she thought.

To keep her integrity intact, and heal her wounded heart, Shelly must make the ultimate decision… Conform to society and return to her old life? Or open her heart and mind to endless wonder, possibility and love?

This gripping, edge of your seat thriller will have you guessing at every twist and turn as Shelly fights to liberate herself and restore her pride.

Things will never be the same again.


Content Advice

This novel contains the following: Sex scenes, nudity, violence, domestic violence, suicide attempt, medical themes, supernatural themes

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A body in the woods, a brutal kidnapping and mountains of distrust.

This is Shelly’s world. Her gift brings her closer to ruin and the loss of those she holds most dear. There’s a killer on the loose, and she alone holds the key to his capture… but will the authorities believe her?

With the help of an unlikely ally Shelly comes up against forces that will test her very limits. As her past and present collide, Shelly’s future, and the futures of those she cares about appear to hang by a thread. A kidnapped friend brings the gravity of the serial killer’s malevolence home and spurs Shelly to action. 

Against insurmountable odds, she must find a way to reveal the truth and regain her honour. When she combines her preternatural gift with her savvy mind and impulsive, some say reckless, behaviour, Shelly finds herself on a wild path of murder, torture and mayhem. 

But with the loyalty and steadfastness of her friends to pull her from the brink of madness, she discovers one notion that stands out above all else.


The truth will set you free.

Content Advice

This novel contains the following: Sex scene, nudity, horror themes, violence, medical themes, torture, supernatural themes

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Some Captives Identify With Their Captors.

Others Fight Back.


After the loss of her fiancé and the harrowing experience of having her world turned inside out, Shelly’s life seems to be back on track when she finds her one true love. But in a cruel twist of fate, she is ripped away from her loving home and thrust into a world of unspeakable cruelty – an antiquated mental hospital. When her new love puts himself in the firing line in an unsuccessful attempt to free her from the asylum, all seems lost.

Her life at stake, Shelly has two choices before her: conform and survive or rebel and suffer. With the ghosts of the past closing in, and only a handful of allies it seems she has no means of fighting back. Can she delve into the depths of her soul to find the strength and power to conquer her foes? Or will she be lost to darkness forever?

This third and final instalment of the Second Sight series is a stunning conclusion to a captivating tale and will keep you enthralled until the very last word.


Content Advice

This novel contains the following: Sex scene, medical procedures, torture, sexual assault, horror themes, suicide, supernatural themes

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Outcast. Misunderstood. Loved by only a few.

He possesses potential. Powers unrivalled, passed down by blood. Honed yet uncontrollable, his abilities are influenced by his emotions. A tragic loss, and powers are unleashed. Brian has the power to reduce the world to rubble.


The only question is… will he?

Content Advice

This novel contains the following: Sex scene, horror themes,  supernatural themes

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An extended collection of poems from popular Australian Author Shan L. Scott, that examine events past and present. These works delve headlong into the authors psyche and explore emotions related to specific experiences and people from her past and present. Throughout the course of the collection, we observe how these influences might impact Shan’s present life, as well as her steps into the future. With a few quirks along the way, follow Shan on a journey through her emotional and mental wellbeing and share in the dark times as well as the light.

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Perdition is a city of lost souls. It’s a city of filth and crime and misery. It’s where the destitute dwell, and the hopeless live in torment. It’s where dreams go to die.

For renowned Detective, Spencer Havelock, a new partner from the upper-class city of Swift Hill means tolerating the company of a pampered cop who’s never seen a major crime scene. Detective Jones, Hav’s new partner, is simply excited to be working with the hero cop.

When the two Detectives attend the homicide of a young archaeologist, they discover there is more than foul play at work. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are painted across the walls with blood. Strange burn marks cover the victims’ hands. The whole scene reeks of evil.

One by one residents of Perdition fall prey to the killer with each crime scene more gruesome than the last… and no pattern to the killings the Detectives can identify.

With the help of an unlikely ally, Hav and Jones work to unravel the primeval riddle. Ancient texts and puzzling visions lead them on a path to ultimate destruction. In a city where no-one is innocent, who can they trust? Havelock and Jones must rely on each other. If they fail, it will be to the detriment of all.



Edited By Jo Seysener

Enter the world of Sideshow Alley through the eyes of local Ipswich, Queensland authors in a showcase of 100 word drabbles. Let emerging and published authors draw you into the dazzling lights and ceaseless chatter, of wild rides and romance beneath the stars. But don't linger too long in the shadows... Experience Sideshow Alley through the joy of a child's eyes.

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