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Finding Your Groove

People often ask me where I get the inspiration to write what I do, and why I write the genre that I write, it certainly isn’t the genre that I read. The short answer is that I don’t really know exactly. I suppose it is a combination of things, writing from my own life experience and also about subjects that I relate to and enjoy. Shelly’s story is not only one of hardship and struggle, but one of beautiful triumph and success as she overcomes some extraordinary obstacles on the path to happiness. And I guess I could say it mirrors my own life a little, I have had some pretty tough times and had to beat some pretty rotten odds but then, haven’t we all? Life isn’t a bunch of roses and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. We ALL have struggles, we ALL have hard times, and I think this is why Shelly is so relatable to so many. In her naivety she is ill equipped to deal with the challenges at hand and, like so many of us, must learn and grow in order to meet them and come out on top.

For some of us that growth comes with a price, the loss of friends, estrangement from family or even the realisation that our own personal values or beliefs are deficient and misconstrued. Sometimes the growth brings us closer to those we love, if we are humble and admit our mistakes. But no matter the circumstance, these challenges and obstacles almost certainly bring about change in our lives. And change is not entirely a bad thing. When I think of my life and all the silly choices I’ve made and things that I have faced I have realised that every little instance, every wonderful and horrible experience has led me right up to this very moment of my life right now, where I am sitting here, writing to you. I have a wonderful family and some amazing close friends and I can honestly say, I would go through all of it again if it would lead me here to this very moment. I am content. I know myself and my limitations and I am proud of all I have achieved in spite of my imperfections.

So yes, I suppose I do write from experience, I write from the heart. Shelly’s story is not my story but she struggles like we all do and she yearns for the same things we all do, love, acceptance, trust and loyalty. And although I love to read Sci-Fi and Fantasy, I love to write about the things that challenge us in our day to day lives. Shelly’s story is a little crazy, but I think life is like that, and we can all identify with her at some point or another. So, take the challenges by the horns, take on the trials in your life and kick them in the butt. You are the master of your future. Take a leaf out of Shelly’s book and begin to see yourself as you truly are, flaws and all. Life is for living and I, for one, am going to keep writing about it.


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