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An Interview With Kerry Hobden

Tonight's interview comes from the uniquely talented Actor and Photographer, Kerry Hobden. Kerry is a wonderfully kind woman with a great inclination to creativity and enjoys being part of the film community. With several films under her belt (link in interview) you can understand why Kerry is so popular with film makers. Here is Kerry’s interview.

Why did you want to become an Actor?

I was in a very dark place, after the last of my children, (there are four), left home. The Empty Nest Syndrome they call it.

One day, while on Facebook, an old friend of mine, posted up a photo of herself, standing next to Steve Jacobs, a guy who was on the morning show on Channel 9. I sent her a message to find out what she was doing, to have her photo taken with him. Her reply was that she was an extra on major film, which Channel 9 was covering a story on.

I wondered who I could contact so I could do this sort of thing, as it looked very interesting. I had seen commercial’s being made in my old town I was living in years ago, and wished I could have been that commercial. I was sure this is what I needed to do to get me out of this very dark place I was in.

She told me about an agent I should ring, as this agent was looking for more people to place on her books.

It was the best thing I ever did, this definitely gave me new life. And yes, we do have so much fun on set, meeting new people and travelling to places for filming. I also got to see so much of the ‘Behind The Scene’s’ which made me look at filming in a different way. I loved watching Directors with how they work with actors and Extra's, Make-up Artists working their magic on people but most of all, seeing the respect there is on set was mind blowing too. Getting to meet some well-known actors along the way is also a buzz.

I have worked on a TVC (Television Commercial), MV (Music Videos), Short Films and a couple of Feature Films.

Attending workshops and Auditions is a massive learning curve, with techniques and skills that help me to improve.

What was your first film? Can you tell us about your journey whilst working on that film?

The very first film I worked on, was called, “Australiens “, which is a Sci-fi/Comedy feature film from ArtSpear Entertainment, as an audience attendee, being an extra. This film is now is out on DVD and Blu-ray. Screen play, written and directed by Joe Bauer and produced by Rita Artmann and Caroline Bell.

All the Extra's who were on set that particular day, had to sit on chairs, facing the stage. One of the actors then came on stage. He was to talk to us “town folk” about something. (I can’t give anything away, so you will have to watch it haha), and we all had to respond a certain way.

The one film I really enjoyed working on is called, “The Blue Letterbox”. It’s a short film about depression/suicide among farmers. Here is the link to the film:

You have to have a lot of patience when on set. You could be sitting for hours before it’s your turn to go on. If you want to be an extra, take some food or nibbles with you, a puzzle of some sort, some cards to play or a book to read. The award states that if you are on set over four hours, they have to provide food, if you are working under the four hours, they don’t have to however, there are usually some snacks supplied and water.

A lot of the short films I’ve worked on are made by students from the academy and it’s always good to work on their projects and watching their faces light up when their film is coming together nicely.

Many short films and the odd feature film are usually ‘love jobs’ (meaning doing it out of love of the art), unless it’s a big American, Australian, etc., production, then the payment is fantastic! We mainly start out doing ‘love jobs’, to gain experience. Getting involved with whatever is going on too. I have learnt so much just by observing and helping out.

Now I’m not only in front of the camera but also work behind the scenes as a Photographer, Set Designer and Props Master. I’ve never been happier since working in the Film Industry.

How does acting make you feel?

I feel excited, happy and full-filled. It’s the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. Helping someone with their dream of having their story up for all to see and knowing that my time and energy had helped them to make their dream come true.

I love meeting new friends and catching up with those I have worked with before. We are like one big happy family!

What is your favourite thing about acting and filmmaking?

Bringing a character to life. A lot of the time, I have gone through the same experience as the character I am playing. Being my age, life experience is a bonus when portraying a character.

Also I love meeting new people and seeing amazing places. I have travelled up to Gympie for one feature film a few years ago. “Charlies Farm” is the name of that film. I was there for 11 hours just for one scene, which is about 2 mins on the film itself. Yes, some people say I am mad doing what I do, but it doesn’t worry me. I enjoy being involved with the film industry.

You are also a photographer. What is your favourite thing about photography?

With my photography I really enjoy capturing that special moment in a person/family’s life. Even the family pet gets included, as they are also part of the family.

I cover other genre too, Portraits, First Birthday Cake Smashes, Engagements, small Weddings as well as Family Shoots.

How have you combined your love for acting and photography?

My photography has taken me to do Behind the Scene, (BTS) on film sets. I take photos of Actors, Make Up Artists, Directors, Catering etc. so that the Director has a copy of what’s happening during the filming which also helps with continuity. For example, how the hairstyle or makeup was done on an actor, what clothes they were wearing, that sort of thing.

Some of my photos are included with the film itself that gives me a buzz to see my shots in a film.

What is your Photography business called?

My business is called, PBK - Memorable Moments. I have a Facebook page and also a webpage.

I have been doing photography since I had my first child, way back in 1976. When I purchased my camera that I use now, life is so much easier. I bought a Canon 550D SLR, so editing my photo’s is a breeze and love this camera. (Links for my website and social media are at the end of the interview.)

You have an interest in the paranormal. Have you had any paranormal experiences you’d like to tell us about?

I love the paranormal! I firmly believe there is more after someone has passed over.

Having had some interesting things happen to me, which no one can explain, made me more of a believer. Mind you, I’m still a little sceptic as there are some charlatans around, who are ripping off people while they are vulnerable. I go in with an open mind if I see a Medium.

Yes, silly me, I did use the Ouija Board once and I will NEVER use one again. I always thought like most do, others a pushing the glass etc. I was truly taken aback when my father came through. So I thought, no one that was there at the time, knew what my fathers’ nick name was, so that was my question. The glass moved from one letter to the other which spelt out, “Bo Bo”. That was it for me!

I have also had a reading done with Rune Stones, Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Reading and Mediums. My favourite is Tarot Cards.

I ventured out with a Paranormal group to do some investigations. First up was a visit to the Drayton Cemetery in Toowoomba, which was very interesting, then The Hotel in Laidley.

I’ve seen the spirit of a young girl here in my home, wearing a white smock dress, watching me while I was brushing my teeth one night.

I had an old video/radio, on which the radio hadn’t worked for years. One night, about 5 months after my mother-in-law, passed over. I was watching the TV when, all of a sudden, the radio came on playing a song that she used to love listening to! When the song finished, the radio once again, went off and never played again.

I once visited my cousin in Goulburn, NSW, and we found an orphanage called, St Joseph’s Girl Orphanage. I took many photo’s outside and inside of this place. After loading up the photos on her computer, we saw some young girls at the windows. No one else was in the building, just my cousin and myself. I loved revisiting this Orphanage when I went for more visits to Goulburn. I miss seeing the kids there.

I’ve also visited the Asylum down Goulburn, which hasn’t been used for quite a few years. It is now just a museum. I saw a man, he was being scrubbed with a scrubbing brush by one of the orderlies. They were both spirits, he was looking at me with pain in his face. I just kept walking and my cousin asked if I was alright. She said I didn’t look to good. I reluctantly, told her what I had just seen. That’s one place I would never visit again!

Yes, I believe in the afterlife, visiting spirits, with a little bit of scepticism.

If you could go to one famous haunted place in the world, where would it be?

I had an opportunity to visit, Monte Cristo Homestead at Junee, NSW., but never got a chance to do the overnight stay. The homestead is beautiful, however I never saw or heard anything there that particular day. So, visiting Monte Cristo Homestead at night would be awesome! If I could travel overseas, it would be so good to visit, Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland.

What is your favourite scary movie and why?

Would you believe, “Wolf Creek”, would have been the scariest movie I have ever seen. It took me four days to watch this movie! And that was with fast forwarding the tape to the end first and only watching during daylight hours! Knowing that this Australian film, was based on a true story, scared the hell out of me.

The only other scary movies I have seen, are the old black and white, Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee films. A lot is left to your imagination, I use to sit with my knees up and a pillow to cover up my face when you thought there was a scary part coming up. Those were the days!



Thanks Kerry!

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